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Normac Shipping acquires Backhouse Bloore

Normac Shipping Limited is delighted to announce the acquisition of Backhouse Bloore, a Port Agency division of Millgrain Limited. Normac Shipping will continue to utilise the Backhouse Bloore name and brand to keep the consistency and tradition of this great company. Formed in 1972, Backhouse Bloore has been delivering exemplary port agency services to the grain trade ever since.

Ken Wilson, Port Agent, joins the Normac Shipping team having spent 25 years with Backhouse Bloore from their offices in Crosby, Liverpool. Ken will continue to manage and handle all Backhouse Bloore's vessels into and out of the Port of Liverpool.

The acquisition of Backhouse Bloore provides a further service enhancement to Normac Shipping's portfolio of services and provides further opportunities for growth.

Normac Shipping Limited, Director, Ian Macleod, stated "We look forward to working with Backhouse Bloore and continuing its success into the future".

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